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[Astro-log] Stardate 2007Mar25 1200 UT [Stardate: Mar. 25th, 2007|05:53 am]
Omni's Astrolog posts


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We seem to be doing a lot of stuff on measuring parallax and studying masers lately. Although, I think all of them (at the very least, both of these, of which one is a continuation of one I posted about before) are being done by the same observer.

Project Code: BR121G [VLBA]
Title: Trigonometric Parallax for masers at the Galactic Center
Wavelengths used: 1cm
Observation time: 2007Mar25 0832 to 2007Mar25 1633
My time with Observation: 2007Mar25 0832 to 2007Mar25 1345

I'll go ahead and put tomorrow's on here too, while I'm at it.

Project Code: BR100BD [VLBA]
Title: Parallax and proper motions of methanol masers
Wavelengths used: 2cm
Observation time: 2007Mar25 2045 to 2007Mar26 0649
My time with Observation: 2007Mar26 0145 to 2007Mar26 0649