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[Astro-log] Stardate 2007APR11 2020 UT [Stardate: Apr. 11th, 2007|02:13 pm]
Omni's Astrolog posts


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Well, I'm finally back onto a "regular" shift after a month of floating/cover shifts. However, I've only been on the tail end of a couple of projects, so there hasn't been much to put here until today.

Project Code: BM247H [VLBA]
Title: Structural monitoring of radio galaxy jets
Wavelengths used: 7mm
Observation time: 2007Apr11 1754 to 2007Apr12 1754
My time with Observation: 2007Apr11 1754 to 2007Apr12 2145 and 2007Apr12 1345 to 2007Apr12 1754