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[Astro-log] Stardate 2007May13 1250 UT [Stardate: May. 13th, 2007|06:50 am]
Omni's Astrolog posts


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Project Code: C071A [OTHER]
Title: 3MM May 11, 00h00 UT - May 15, 05h30 UT
Wavelengths used: 7mm, 3mm
Observation time: 2007May11 0456 to 2007May14 2352
My time with Observation: 2007May13 0145 to 2007May13 1345 AND 2007May14 0145 to 2007May14 1345

This is a massively long observation (~91 hrs.) that isn't really ours. It's only VLBA stations, so it's not technically a global, but it's going to be correlated elsewhere - specifically Bonn, Germany. Something interesting to note about this (since the title is so boring) is the Estimated Maximum Disk Space: 10,681 GB per station. There's 8 station in the observation (St. Croix and Hancock are too wet climate-wise for 3mm scans, so they're not in it). That's a lot of data, and it's being recorded at over 500 Mbps, so we're being pretty rough on these disk packs. Fortunately, they're not ours.

So, that's my weekend.