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[Astro-log] Stardate 2007Mar18 2023 UT [Stardate: Mar. 18th, 2007|02:22 pm]
Omni's Astrolog posts


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Project Code: BR100FD [VLBA]
Title: Parallax and proper motions of methanol masers
Wavelengths used: 2cm
Observation time: 2007Mar18 0900 to 2007Mar18 1856
My time with Observation: 2007Mar18 1345 to 2007Mar18 1856

I decided to go ahead and add another line to my reports. The project code listed above is how we reference all projects we do. All files used have the project code in the name of the file, such as br100fdcrd.pt, which is the card file for the Pie Town antenna. Card files are used to tell the antennas what they should be doing during the observations. The reason I'm adding this information is two-fold: first of all, so that I can come back and reference the project codes in case I see anything that becomes newsworthy; second, to make a point about the following project.

Project Code: BR123D [VLBI]
Title: Unique observational constraints on SiO maser polarization and pumping th...
Wavelengths used: 7mm
Observation time: 2007Mar18 2200 to 2007Mar18 0800
My time with Observation: 2007Mar18 2200 to 2007Mar18 0145

You may notice that the information for this project is quite similar to one of yesterday's projects. This is because it is the 4th observation for this project, hence the D in the project code. Yesterday's project of the same title was BR123C.

I'm not entirely sure what the initial letters stand for in the project code. I'm sure information about the project is encoded in the letters, but I haven't been told how. For example, I know that any MTxxx project is the weekly test. In fact, for these, even the number part of the project is significant, for example MT708 would be the MT test for the 08th week of the 7th year of the current decade. I know what some other codes stand for, but I'm going to start keeping track of them so that I can compare them and figure them out for myself.